Rotterdam – Lanai Staterooms

The Lanai Staterooms are brand new to Rotterdam and allow access directly onto the walk-around promenade. The decor borrows from the spa stateroom decor that debuted on Eurodam and includes creams and light blues. While these rooms are identical to oceanview staterooms in terms of amenities, the differences are in the furniture arrangement and with the sliding glass door.

While the glass doors on Veendam have a button that automatically opens and closes the door after several seconds, the button on the inside of the rooms on Rotterdam simply unlocks the door and then you would pull the door open or shut just like any glass sliding door you may have at your home. You are also given a second room card that will allow you to access the room from the outside. Plaques on the wall indicate the room number of the door you are approaching and have a reader panel that will allow the door to unlock. You can see these adjacent to the doors in several exterior photos below.

The third big difference in the Lanai rooms is that they have two dedicated loungers just outside. These are marked by small brass plaques. Many loungers remain on the deck for guests not in the Lanai rooms.

The lanai rooms are a great addition to the fleet and can currently be found on Rotterdam and Veendam.

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