Rotterdam Time! But first, a Question.

It’s now time to pack and get ready for the Rotterdam, but there’s still a little time, so please, before Thursday night when I’ll be up in Canada (and therefore international roaming) please let me know if there’s anything onboard the ship that you want to see.

Now, like always, I can’t guarantee staterooms although I am in a Deluxe Verandah Suite and traveling with a friend in a Verandah Suite so those are guaranteed, as is the Neptune Lounge.

But what public areas do you want to see? Are there carpets you’re curious about and want to see if they’ve changed? What exactly IS “Mix” (now, if you’ve been here very long I know you know the answer to that one!)

Seriously though:

Contact me and let me know what you just HAVE to see before I leave.


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One Response to Rotterdam Time! But first, a Question.

  1. Tami says:

    Just enjoyed the refurbished Ryndam, San Diego to Vancouver. Loved HAL, the ship and really enjoyed the Culinary Center.

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