Oosterdam in San Diego Right Now

As was the case yesterday, I have a friend and colleague departing for Mexico today as well on the Oosterdam. His itinerary will be a 7 Day Riviera going to Puerto Vallarta, Cabo San Lucas and Mazatlan.

I’ve already asked and he has said he would be more than happy to provide photos upon coming back for the blog. I’ll also turn this into a ‘Meet the Crew’ once he gets back.

Bon Voyage!

Other ship is the Carnival Spirit. The Spirit platform is what led to HAL’s Vista Class.

Thanks to Gerry R who emailed me and gave a tip on a better cam!!
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2 Responses to Oosterdam in San Diego Right Now

  1. Anonymous says:


    one question – maybe you could ask your collegue to have a short look at the library – are there german (not dutch!) books available? Today it is an issue due to luggage restrictions to bring enough books to read for a cruise by plane…

    Thank you! And bon voyage to yur collegue!


  2. Copper10-8 says:

    Hey Dutch; we’ll be taking your friend’s place on the big “O” this SAT, 03 APR 10. Looking forward to it and at least one Wang Wang! 😉

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