From the HAL Blog – Mariner Jim Sykes – Ryndam

The HAL Blog shared a lot of photos from first time cruise Jim Sykes from their Ryndam cruise 2 weeks ago. Jim’s parents have been on over 24 HAL cruises and are actually on one right now. I wanted to share these pictures with everyone because… well… they’re incredible. The pictures of the Atrium and Mix specifically give a great look at some of the ship’s brand new upgrades and enhancements as well as the extensive refresh to many areas that stayed the same.
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3 Responses to From the HAL Blog – Mariner Jim Sykes – Ryndam

  1. LoyHAL says:

    What magnificent photos! There is an air of mystery about some of them that I love.
    Thanks for sharing!

  2. Sher Jones says:

    Amazing composition, he has a true eye for photography…

  3. DBA says:

    Glad you botrh like them! (And it drew to my attention that comments were displaying as “extra small” so I went in and fixed that too.
    Always learning something new about this layout. 🙂

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