From the Readers – Les and Carolyn

Les is a Cruise Critic user and a recent guest of the Eurodam. Along with his wife Carolyn, they just wrote to let me know what an incredible time they had onboard. Besides a great trip to the Eastern Caribbean they also celebrated a Renewal of Vows and took the time to grow that much closer.

(Including this portion as Les posted it publically on Cruise Critic)

Two days after the cruise, Carolyn was scheduled to have surgery for a tumor they found in her breast. Les and Carolyn were determined to have an amazing week prior to the necessary medical procedures though, and the vast majority of other Cruise Critic users supported the idea and suggested that he go out of his way to make it a time that they will both remember forever.

Les informed me at the time of including these pictures (his email was dated today) that they may have to go in and do some follow-up as they aren’t sure if everything that needs to be out IS out, so I wanted to ask that you all keep Les and Carolyn in your thoughts, prayers, on your “good mojo list” or whatever your thing might be. In the various correspondence I had with Les prior to their cruise along with all the surprises he had in store for Carolyn (with the help of the incredible Eurodam staff) this is just about the sweetest couple you could ever hope to meet.

I have told Les and Carolyn in emails, but…

Les and Carolyn, I wish you all the health and happiness in the world and a lot more cruising down the road as well!

Lots of love from Seattle!

(This is also a great time to mention On Deck for the Cure [click on link] which besides all HAL vessels is a program throughout the Carnival Corporation sister lines with a walk on deck and the proceeds going to the Susan G. Komen Foundation. Together, we can all find a cure for breast cancer, and I encourage you all to also supports causes and organizations researching other forms of cancer as well as your volunteer time and/or finances permit.)

And now… on to the pictures! (Captions courtesy of Les)

The adventure and journey begins after a painless and speedy process to get on the ship, One smiling wife.

She was overwhelmed with the room, the view, the flowers, the champagne and we just arrived in our stateroom.

Lots to take pictures of on Grand Turk.

Took a suggestion that was made on CC and went to the right at the end of the pier at Grand Turk. We found a beautiful beach and a nice view or our ship.

A great pool and a great ship as viewed from Margaritaville, a nice way to relax after a long walk on the beach.

A great way to relax at the Margaritaville pool.

Every great day needs a colorful sunset.

A view of the bow area as we entered San Juan, A little breezy but breathtaking.

Coming into Old San Juan

St. John, you want pretty, they got pretty.

You can tell we hated the whole experience on St. John, another crappy day in paradise.

A last sunrise, before we arrived at Half Moon Cay

She will kill me for this, but I took a picture of her and her new found friend.

The only way to view the Eurodam from Half Moon Cay
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  1. Glennis says:

    Looks fantastic.

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