Going for a record…

I don’t yet have ALL of my plans in motion, but my goal is that between May 1 and May 15 I will have been on the Amsterdam, Oosterdam and Rotterdam for each of their 1 Day Coastals between Vancouver and Seattle.

The Amsterdam I love, and as you all know I was on her as recently as this past Spring (3 Day cruise)/Summer (My live photo uploads/tour on Facebook).

The Oosterdam I have managed to enjoy on a couple different cruises and have yet to be on her since the additions of the Pinnacle Bar, Screening Room and so forth.

The Rotterdam I have never been on, but will allow me to get pictures and my first experiences seeing The Retreat, Mix, Showroom at Sea, new stateroom decor, Lanai Staterooms and SO much more for the first time. Not to mention I can check the ship off my list of all those I have been on in the HAL fleet.

CAN I do it? Absolutely, it would only require 1 total vacation day to see all that I want to on these three cruises?

So we’ll see what happens, but this spring may offer some seriously in-depth looks at a good portion of the Alaska fleet for 2010.

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