New header image

Special thanks to reader François Thivierge for the incredible image of the ms Noordam and the iguana from a recent Caribbean cruise.

He also took the time to share additional images with me that I will post as well!

Thanks François!

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5 Responses to New header image

  1. Anonymous says:

    I took it 2 years ago in Saint Thomas.
    François Thivierge aka Holacanada on CC

  2. Blue Cat says:

    I think you’re looking for one of these – ς – aren’t you DBA? Great picture.


  3. DBA says:

    That’s the one Blue Cat! And it will NOT let me copy/paste it… I think it’s a Windows 7/Blogger thing… my ability to copy/paste sort of bit the dust 😦

  4. Blue Cat says:

    Try keystrokes Alt+0231. That should (hopefully) produce a ç.


  5. DBA says:

    Thanks BC! (BC was actually the name of my first cat… different definition for the B though) 🙂

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