Pinnacle Signature Skewers Are Here!

Francisco Fernandes, ms Zaandam waiter, presents the final flambé step to guests.
Pinnacle Signature Skewers are now on the menu in the Pinnacle Grill. And the show, which took months of behind-the-scenes work and plenty of innovation to bring to life, is eliciting some incredible reviews from our Mariners.

Because strict regulations control any open flame on board a cruise ship, making this possible on the ships required extensive research and creativity. Jafar Al-Shibibi, corporate manager, Guest and Dining Services, set out to find a way to meet all the regulations. The answers came in the form of a specially designed serving dish and a combination of vodka and cognac, which is heated, set on fire and poured over skewers that are artfully displayed in the cradle of a flaming skewer ensemble.

Chandul Kumar Vallambhan, Pinnacle Grill chef, prepares skewers for cooking on the grill in the ms Zaandam’s galley.

Poultry, beef, lamb, fish and vegetarian skewers are assembled and grilled in the kitchen, then affixed in the cradle, which is set on a base tray and covered with an elegant 18-inch high cloche. Tableside, the server warms the alcohol and removes the cloche to reveal the skewers. The server pours the flaming alcohol over the skewers and colorful blue flames envelope the skewers.

The flaming skewer concept, noted Al-Shibibi , expands the tableside innovations offered in Pinnacle Grill. Caesar salads are prepared tableside, soup is served from tureens presented at the table and Steak Diane is finished as guests watch. Signature Skewers are already proving popular with guests who enthusiastically spread the word about the great new show in the Pinnacle Grill.

Zaandam carried out the pilot program for the flaming skewers in the Pinnacle Grill. The new entrée is now available fleet wide. Here, (l-r) Pinnacle Grill Chef Chandul Kumar Vallambhan; Pinnacle Grill Manager Mickael Mahe, Culinary Operations Manager Cornelis Berndsen; Corporate Manager, Guest and Dining Services Jafar Al-Shibibi; Executive Chef Daniel Hrgic; Pinnacle Grill Waiter Francisco Xavier Fernandes and Corporate Dining Services Trainer Fabian Wiechert gather after finishing a rehearsal of the presentation process.
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