Eurodam’s Pinnacle Bar

Usually, changes to a public room such as seating and tables is pretty rare, and when it happens it will usually take place during a dry dock when other aspects are being attended to as well. In the case of the ms Eurodam though, many of the furnishings were changed within the last few weeks to create a lounge that is much more inviting and comfortable.

The Pinnacle Bar, on Deck 2 and just across the Atrium from the similarly named Pinnacle Grill, is the destination for a large variety of wines as well as the incredible special menu of Grey Goose martinis (fleetwide these specialty cocktails are either located in the Pinnacle Bar, or Ocean Bar if the ship does not have the Pinnacle Bar)

My thanks to the Sales Department for the great before photos taken during the inaugural festivities in Summer 2008, and also to the Front Office staff of the ms Eurodam for these great after photos that I am able to share with you!

The bar & stools

Aft portion of the Pinnacle Bar

Forward portion with wine racks

Seating along the windows
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2 Responses to Eurodam’s Pinnacle Bar

  1. Emile Gurstelle says:

    Just got off the Eurodam for the first time and the Pinnacle bar was beautiful. However, we had nothing to compare it to. Maybe it is the lighting, but I prefer the decor in the “before” pictures. However, the chairs in the “after” pictures look more comfortable.

  2. Larsenbiz says:

    I thought that the after pictures made the bar more inviting. We sat at the bar and the stools seem to be a bit squishy.

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