Recap of Answers: Days 1-4

Here’s a recap for those that were curious:

Monday – My dog’s name is Dozer
Tuesday – The Nieuw Amsterdam of 2010 will be the 4th Nieuw Amsterdam in HAL’s history (if you have seen me type “NA:4” before and weren;t sure, now you know what I mean 🙂
Wednesday – Oosterdam’s Atrium has a globe
Thursday – (Send me your photo and tell me why it’s your favorite)
You all sent in your photos and here’s the two I’ve picked:
From Elsie:
It was very hard to pick just one but the attached photo is my overall favorite. It is from an Alaskan Cruise on the ms Amsterdam in August 2008. It was the first time we have cruised with relatives. My husband’s sister and her husband wanted to try cruising so they joined us. It was also the first time my husband wore a tuxedo. He bought one on e-bay. My brother-in-law rented one on the ship. The photo is of my husband and brother-in-law coming down the stairs to dinner on the first formal night. Every time I look at it, I am reminded of what a wonderful time we had and the fun we had sharing our joy of cruising with them.
From Noel:
Here in Melbourne Australia, we always look forward to the cruise season, currently on now, and the arrival of HAL ships including the Volendam. The pic is one from our trip to Hong Kong in April 09 that took us to Indonesia’s Komodo Island.
We love HAL & it’s crew so much we have only discovered cruising in 2006 & already have 107 night with our next cruise in 3 weeks time on the Volendam to the S.Pacific & then a 30 day Rotterdam cruise to South America in April.
I will again professionally video tape the trips on a broadcast camera, edit & post to youtube as with past cruises.
Have a wonderful & joyous Christmas and an excellent 2010
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