Interior Design on Nieuw Amsterdam

As all renderings to date have shown that the Nieuw Amsterdam staterooms and suites will follow the same colors and schemes as sister ship Eurodam, I wanted to revitalize this story from Eurodam News for your enjoyment.

Left to right: Nancy Burfiend, Devin Fitzpatrick and My Nguyen
When Seattle-based NB Design Group was awarded the project of furnishing Eurodam’s staterooms, not only was it the first time Holland America Line chose a design team from within the United States, but they also were given a key task: completely change the look from all of the other Holland America Line ships.

Eurodam News Blog (ENB) recently sat down with Nancy Burfiend, owner and principal in charge of NB Design Group, to find out what approach she took and how she met the challenges of designing for a cruise ship.

Burfiend and her team, which includes My Nguyen and Devin Fitzpatrick, decided to go for a boutique hotel look with clean lines and simplified designs. They took a logical approach when choosing the décor.
“Inside staterooms should be light and airy, so we went with a blonde wood,” said Burfiend. “On the outside staterooms we went with a cherry wood that is more luxurious, and we used warm and inviting fabrics. Because the suites are the most expensive, we went with a dark wood that feels the most rich and sophisticated.”

The firm came up with nine schemes — three each for the inside, outside and suite stateroom categories. Once the selection was narrowed down to one for each category, the team put together color boards and computer-generated renderings of the staterooms.
Burfiend said because this was the first time NB Design had worked with a cruise line, the biggest challenge was becoming familiar with all of the International Maritime Organization regulations that govern construction materials, fabrics and fixtures. Fortunately, Nguyen had worked with Holland America in the past, so it wasn’t completely unfamiliar territory.
“To work within the regulations, we find things we like and then go to companies that can reproduce them in the fibers and materials we need to meet IMO standards,” said Burfiend. “A lot of the things in Eurodam’s cabins are custom-made here in the United States or in Europe.”

After minor revisions, the schemes were approved and the team began acquiring the fabrics and woods they needed. Burfiend said that when selecting decor for the staterooms, they also have to be sure that they are getting the best price, the items can be mass-produced and they are easy to assemble.
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