From the Readers – Julie, Chris and Alex Go on the Eurodam!

DBA readers Julie and Chris, as well as their son Alex, who are from Cambridge, Ontario, Canada (about an hour outside of Toronto) recently came back from the Eurodam as she sailed through the Caribbean. Not just for a great cruise on the latest gem in our fleet, but to celebrate a Renewal of Vows onboard with Captain Jeroen van Donselaar (and if you’ve read the old Eurodam News blog that became the Holland America Blog, then you know all about Captain van Donselaar and his wife Pam.) This is truly one of the best pictures I’ve seen of Eurodam, taken while the family was in Grand Turk.

Here’s a great picture of Julie and Alex during lunch in the Rembrandt Dining Room.

Chris and Alex sitting on the stairs between… (you don’t really think I can tell from the carpet what decks this was taken between, do you?) 🙂

Alex’s grandparents arranged for a very special gift for Alex during the cruise. From the absolutely ADORABLE smile, I’d say he likes his new Eurodam teddy bear!

The family’s dining steward showing Alex how to make origami animals on formal night. From Alex’s drawing board, I have to wonder if it’s already snowing back home for him, or if he’s thinking that the only thing that can top this cruise is Christmas!

The family out at the Dubrovnik Lido Cabana for a bite to eat and some relaxation.

This is what mom Julie has to say about this photo:
“The snorkeling was done on Grand Turk through the HAL Gibbs Cay and Stingray Encounter excursion, so the picture of Alex was at Gibbs Cay. He’d been practicing with me before the trip to learn snorkeling and he did a great job with it!”

Alex back in the family’s verandah stateroom after a fun pirate-themed party in Club HAL. It also looks like Grandma and Grandpa’s gift may have multiplied and had some offspring too!

A picture of Julie right before the Renewal of Vows ceremony. Julie and Chris were celebrating their 10th anniversary on this cruise(the actual anniversary was October 23 – the day they were in Half Moon Cay,but the ceremony was the night before, so they said it was a lovely way to celebrate this great milestone).

Easy there DBA-reader parents… mom Julie assures me that this is just ginger ale!

Alex and Captain van Donselaar.

During the ceremony.

The whole family right after the ceremony. This was taken and the whole ceremony was done in the port wing of the Crow’s Nest. For you ship trivia buffs, this is the same area where the papers were signed when HAL took possession of the Eurodam.

Julie, thank you show much for sharing some pictures of your lovely family, all the fun that everyone had, letting us know how much Alex enjoyed himself and for sharing an inside look at your special and incredibly memorable moments during your Renewal ceremony. I really appreciate it and I’m sure all the readers do as well!


* * * * *

Do YOU want to share pictures of your family and your trip for everyone on DBA to see? Send me your photos (if you can pre-size them to no more than 800×600 pixels or so and under 600-800k first that would be appreciated) and a little about the photos and who you travelled with and I’ll be happy to feature all of you on a future post just like I did with Julie, Chris and Alex!


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