Pictures from the Zaandam cruise

Pictures coming soon everyone. I need to downsize them so I don’t fry my equipment on this side. The pictures default to a very large size (10+MP camera equals 3+MB images) which would make it take a lot longer to load the website on your end, and a lot longer for me to make posts on my end.

I’m working on a way to streamline this process and hope to start throwing pics onto the site this weekend! It’s a crazy, stormy, VERY rainy weekend here in Washington and I won’t have much else to do… 🙂

Stay tuned!


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2 Responses to Pictures from the Zaandam cruise

  1. Carla says:

    For downsizing photos, there’s a great free download called Photo Resize. You just install it and then drag and drop your photo files into it and it automatically creates smaller copies of them and stores them in the original folder. It saves a ton of time.

    Looking forward to the photos!

  2. DBA says:

    Noted Carla. Thank you. I’ll check that out!

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