Cruise Gourmet @ Home – Orange Balsamic Rock Cornish Game Hens

So this is a new feature I want to try out… PLEASE let me know if you enjoy this or not!

I’ve been a “foodie” for a long time and always find things to satisfy me at sea, but that doesn’t mean that I have to survive on burgers and spaghetti when I’m between cruises. As such, I wanted to start the Cruise Gourmet @ Home series on here whenever I find or create recipes that would be ‘cruise cuisine worthy’ but are easy to make at home. I also plan to include photos of the prep along the way, and the finished product! If I start to post this (as I am today) before it’s ready, I’ll come back and add the photos throughout the process later (so these posts may have updates after you first see them!)

Tonight, I’m making Orange Balsamic Rock Cornish Game Hens, a recipe I found on Food Network’s website and made a few adjustments. You can do a search on the internet and find the original recipe, but I will include my personal edits on here.

– 3 hens (per below marinade recipe and 13×9 dish), rinsed and pat dry
– Coarse sea salt to taste
– Coarse black pepper to taste
– 1 can defrosted orange juice concentrate (pulp free works a little better)
– 1.5 cups aged balsamic vinegar
– 7 to 8 stems rosemary, chopped finely

Garlic can be added (about 3 gloves minced) if you want the added depth of flavor.

– Add all ingredients together except the hens and put into a 13×9 dish. Whisk to mix thoroughly.
– Take hens and butterfly them (remove spine and crack the middle of the breastbone with a VERY sharp knife (to avoid splintering)
– Add hens and marinade (meat side down, inards up) for 30-60 minutes depending on desired strength of flavors. Spoon marinade over portion that is not submerged.
– Preheat oven to 425 degrees F.
– Line bottom of oven with foil, large oven safe dishes or other method to avoid a large mess.
– Roast hens on the rack for 15 minutes at 425 degrees F and 30 minutes at 375 degrees F.
– Check for doneness in traditional spots (joint between leg and thigh and/or breast and wing).


The marinade, if boiled down for about 20 minutes becomes an INCREDIBLE sauce you can drizzle! (Since raw meat has marinated, make sure this boils for a very long time to avoid any cross-contamination.)

Due to richness of flavors and white meat, this can be paired with your favorite medium-full bodied red OR white wine!



On the rack. Pan below caught the olive oil spray and juices

Out of the oven, resting for a few minutes

Served with parmesan orzo and sauteed broccoli with garlic. Wine is a shiraz.

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One Response to Cruise Gourmet @ Home – Orange Balsamic Rock Cornish Game Hens

  1. Soundsgreat6 says:

    Looks Delicious think I’ll Try it next weekend. Got to get in shape for October on the Zaandam
    LOL .

    Think this is a great Idea Dutch.

    Cheers! M8
    P.S. How did you know Shiraz is my Favourite Wine


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