Part 3 – Meet the Crew – Tiffany Bergman – Manager, Access and Complaince

Candid of Tiffany on her trip to Alaska, on the McKinley Explorer

Tiffany, everyone has learned so much about what you do and the integral part that your department plays in the experience for many of our guests. Now let’s learn about you a little bit.

Where were you born?
I’m a native Washingtonian, born and raised in the Puget Sound. The love of being out on the water was something I gained at an early age. My grandpa (dad’s dad) built a couple of wooden boats in his younger days. When I was little, he gave the older boat to my dad when he finished the new one so we spent lots of time fishing and enjoying the summer days out on the boat in the Commencement Bay/Point Defiance area of Tacoma. There were also many summer weekends on grandma and grandpa’s boat with my sister and our two cousins. We would dock at the little harbor at Blake Island at least once a summer for a few days and “camp” on the boat. Grandma and grandpa would take the bed in the cabin down below deck and us kids on the upper deck under the enclosed vinyl and canvas canopy with two on the floor and two on the table after being lowered using seat cushion “mattresses” for padding.

Anything about your family you’d like to share?
My dad’s side of the family hasn’t strayed far from the Northwest and we are a pretty tight knit clan. Most of us live within a 40 mile radius. This branch of the Pace Family comes from great grandpa Earl and great grandma Lucy along with their four daughters: Marion, Helen, Verna and Donna (my grandma). Earl and Lucy passed on many years ago but they instilled strong family bonds in the girls that live on today. Since long before I came along, the Pace Family has gotten together once a year for a weekend of fun. There are now 4 generations living and we typically have a turnout of 60-70 family members for the reunion weekend. We spend the weekend camping at my aunt’s property on the Tilton River (Morton, Washington), driving carloads of kids back and forth to the “swimmin’ hole” closer to town during the day, paying cards and swapping the same ol’ stories by the campfire at night.

Where do you live now?
With the strong family connection it’s probably no surprise that after moving in Junior High to another town close by I ended up back in the same neighborhood I grew up in when I bought the house I live in now. The house I grew up in is 5 houses down the hill and my grandparents still live in the house they were in at the time another 4 house beyond. I can see both houses from my porch and if anyone happens to be in the yard at grandma’s when I walk out to the car to go somewhere I always get a big wave from the bottom of the hill.

So you still live where you grew up and very close to family which is always an admirable trait. Very cool! Now let’s talk about you and HAL.

When did you start working for HAL?
I’ve been with HAL since July of 1996. I started as a Reservation Agent and worked my way up to a Reservation Supervisor before moving over to the Guest Relations Department. I spent nearly 5 years as the Supervisor in Guest Relations Department before becoming the Manager of Access & Compliance, which I have been since May of 2005.

Any special achievements or fun facts in life or while with HAL?
I had the pleasure of meeting Marlee Matlin, albeit briefly, during the days before the naming ceremony of the NOORDAM in New York. As you avid HAL cruisers and fans know, Marlee Matlin is the Godmother of the NOORDAM. I also had the opportunity to work a little with the sign language interpreter that signed the naming ceremony from side stage. It was fun to see the behind the scenes work that goes into the production of a naming ceremony and ship introduction events.

Favorite ship in the fleet?
I have been on many HAL ships, but I as you may have guessed I have a special connection to the NOORDAM. She is the only ship I have had the opportunity to sail on before any guests have been onboard. I sailed on her from Boston to New York prior to the naming ceremony and was able to really explore her in a way that few people get to do.

You’ve mentioned Boston and New York, two incredible cities. Let’s talk more about cities and ports…

What is your favorite port of call?
My favorite port that I have actually sailed to is Grand Cayman. Something about relaxing on a catamaran then holding a stingray out in the middle of the bay makes me want to go back over and over. Although I did not travel to Venice on a cruise it is one of my all time favorite locations. My parents are excited to be going there for the first time this summer to sail on the OOSTERDAM.

Another favorite HAL destination isn’t a port at all. I have gone on tour in Alaska and the Yukon with HAL a number of times and absolutely love it every time. Alaska has a way of reminding you how beautiful the land can be when relatively untouched.

Dream 10-day itinerary if fuel and logistics were of no concern? (China to Africa to
Antarctica to Greenland? Woeks for me…)

There are a number of HAL ports I would still love to see. I’m a big fan of architecture so some ports relate to that love, while others relate to the beauty of seeing the season change. Places like Boston, Bar Harbor and Charlottetown in the fall when the leaves are changing are ports I have had on my list for a while. For the history and architecture, Istanbul has been on the list for a long time as well as Copenhagen, Croatia and Ukraine. Bora Bora is on the list simply for the beauty and remote nature of the port. And, finally, as any long time HAL staff member who has become “Dutch by Association”, the ports of Rotterdam and Amsterdam are a must.

Thanks Tiffany… I think I will have to claim the DBA title for now though! See you tomorrow at the office!

*Tiffany has also provided a couple of breathtaking images from her Alaska trip she wanted to share with you but I am having difficulty with the formatting. I’ll try to get those up and on this post as quickly as possible!*

And everyone, that concludes the 3 part series about Access and Compliance. If anyone has questions for the Access and Complaince department, the information is at the bottom of Part 2. If you have feedback, special notes to Tiffany or comments, you can share them by leaving a comment on this post or sending an email to me ( and I’ll make sure Tiffany sees them.

Good night everybody!


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One Response to Part 3 – Meet the Crew – Tiffany Bergman – Manager, Access and Complaince

  1. cp556 says:

    Great job, Dutch! Thanks for this information. One thing I’d like to know (probably from Tiffany) and a subject of much discussion on CC is the mechanics of booking a handicapable cabin. Can anyone do it, or must prospective passengers complete a doctor’s form of need for the HC cabin? I happen to be in agreement with those who say there’s a special circle of hell reserved for those who book HC cabins without needing them, so I’d be very interested in the procedure.

    (Of course, I understand that if there are HC cabins available when guarantees are being assigned, it’s possible for anyone to get a HC cabin. I’m speaking more of early bookings who want a larger or more conveniently located cabin …)

    Thanks, as always…
    Carol in SC

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