Feedback from a Mariner – Veendam to Alaska


Thanks so much for your blog photos of the Veendam. As you may remember we sailed the first 14 day Alaska cruise of the season on the Veendam. Nice to have some professional photos!

The Veendam refit is nothing short of spectacular! We were really pleased with the Mix area and the stateroom upgrading, especially the redone bathrooms! My husband was extremely impressed with the “brand new” feel, the countertop, shelving, tilework. I loved the new “ribbon” curtains and new fabrics. It will be hard to go back to the other HAL ships now.

Also good was the Retreat area with the Slice pizza and canopy area, although it was so cold the whole 14 days that we didn’t get out there much!We had a great time, with another “good sport” Captain who really did his bit attending parties and providing quite a measure of wit at these parties and on the Voice from the Bridge occassionally.

The very best part was the utterly unbelievable stateroom assignemnt. We are big believers in Guarentees: we booked an MM, were assigned a good K and then reassigned to a C (!!) in the best location we have ever had in 367 days on HAL. You really can’t beat how HAL treats its Mariners! We love being on the Lower promenade deck and this was absolutely fabulous. If you know anyone in Ship Inventory, you could pass on a thanks to them.


Thanks for the great feedback. I’ll be sure to personally let Ship Inventory know you appreciated the complimentary upgrades!

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