Some godmotherly advice…

Hi DBA….

I saw your thread on DBA Blog about suggesting a choice for Godmother of Nieuw Amsterdam. What fun you asked for people’s choices.

Here’s my suggestion:
I’d like to suggest Margaret Binnendyk be considered to be Godmother of Nieuw Amsterdam. She was with Holland America Line for 30+ years and retired last year after being Director of Mariners Society since its inception. Her father was with HAL ahead of her and both contributed so much to the company. She is such a lovely, gracious lady and assisted in so many Dedications of HAL ships through the years that such an honor would be so well deserved for her.

Thanks for letting us voice an opinion, DBA. I’d like to read others’ suggestions/comments.

sail7seas (Judy)


I tend to be a traditionalist when it comes to these kinds of things. I don’t have a specific person to nominate, but I would like it to be someone within or related to or close to the royal family.


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