Q&A With DBA Reader – mrsltg


Thanks for doing this! Below are the answers to your questions and I’ve attached some pictures as requested. The first is myself in my cabin, the second and third were taken at Half Moon Cay on 3/30/09. I am now loving HAL after my first cruise on the line last week. It was wonderful, and I don’t think I’ll be returning to any other line.

1) What was your first cruise on HAL? (ship, destination/itinerary, when)
The Westerdam, March 29, 2009, Western Caribbean

2) What was your most recent cruise on HAL? (ship, destination/itinerary, when)
See above

3) Favorite thing about HAL currently available on the ships (if something like Tamarind, only available on Eurodam, that’s fine… just don’t list something that used to be onboard and is no longer)?
The Chef’s Table dinner. Currently it’s only available on the Westerdam and I had the good fortune of deciding to spend the $129 for the evening. It was more than worth it and I can’t wait to do it again!

4) Favorite port of call anywhere on earth you’ve seen because of a HAL cruise, and why?
My favorite port is easily, hands down, Half Moon Cay. What’s not to love? The “I wish I could stay here forever,” Bar pretty much sums up the sentiment. The white sandy beaches and crystal clear water, comfortable and plentiful beach loungers, and incredibly wonderful crew make the day an absolute success.

5) Your dream itinerary, regardless of fuel/logistics? (this means if you want to see Beijing on Day 1, Kenya on Day 2, Antartica for days 3-6, and end in New York City Day 7, that’s fine!) Just make it sea ports… No cruises to Tuscon, Denver or Mexico City! )
While I would love to cruise to many places (and will someday) like Alaska, Italy, the Baltics, and the Mediterranean, for now I would be happy with a week at Half Moon Cay. I don’t need fancy shore excursions just one week to relax and unwind on that island. I would want the ship to sail each night and throw in a sea day or two throughout the week just to mix things up. It would be bliss to this overstressed mom and her entire family!

Thank you as well! As I mentioned to another reader, many share the opinion that Half Moon Cay (HMC) is a destination in itself and one that many wish more than one day could be spent at. And while I am breaking up the posting of these reader submissions, both posted opinions of HMC were submitted within 2 hours.
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