Q&A With DBA Reader – Bellebaby


I am Bellebaby from Sugar Land, Texas

Attached please find a photo of me on the aft Navigation deck of the Volendam while sailing through Tracy Arm. Also attached is a photo of my Mother and I above the Bridge during the sailing. Finally, attached is a photo of the Volendam in Skagway.

The Questions:

1) What was your first cruise on HAL? (ship, destination/itinerary, when)

Our first HAL cruise was in 2002 on the Zuiderdam sailing a Western Caribbean itinerary that included Key West, Grand Cayman, Cozumel, and Half Moon Cay.

2) What was your most recent cruise on HAL? (ship, destination/itinerary, when)
Our most recent HAL cruise was on the Westerdam in May, 2008 sailing R/T from Seattle to Glacier Bay, Juneau, Sitka, Ketchican, and Victoria. On that cruise, we made some lifelong friends from the Cruise Critic Roll Call.

3) Favorite thing about HAL currently available on the ships (if something like Tamarind, only available on Eurodam, that’s fine… just don’t list something that used to be onboard and is no longer)?
Wrap-around Promenade Deck. Perfect for getting some fresh air and exercise on those long, leisurely sea days.

4) Favorite port of call anywhere on earth you’ve seen because of a HAL cruise, and why?
Tracy Arm, Alaska. Many people prefer Glacier Bay or Hubbard Glacier because they are larger or because the ships often don’t reach the Sawyer Glaciers. I fell in love with the quiet beauty of Tracy Arm. I never tire of it’s beauty and my heart loves to be there. Last year while sailing on the Westerdam, we took a small boat excursion from Juneau to Tracy Arm. It was a long, cold, wet day, but one of the most memorable days of my life. We were so close to the glacier, the waterfalls, and the wildlife. Truly a snapshot to remember.
5) Your dream itinerary, regardless of fuel/logistics? (this means if you want to see Beijing on Day 1, Kenya on Day 2, Antartica for days 3-6, and end in New York City Day 7, that’s fine!) Just make it sea ports… No cruises to Tuscon, Denver or Mexico City! )
Day 1 and 2 – Paris, France
Day 3 – Edinburgh, Scotland
Day 4 – Shetland Islands, UK
Day 5 – Alesund, Norway
Day 6 – Geiranger, Norway
Day 7 – Hellesylt, Norway
Day 8 – Belfast, Ireland
Day 9 – Dublin, Ireland
Day 10 – Waterford, Ireland
Day 11, 12, and 13 Rome, Italy
Day 14 – Portofino, Italy
Day 15 – Amalfi/Positano, Italy
Day 16 – Sorrento/Capri, Italy
Day 17 – Corfu, Greece
Day 18 – Venice, Italy

Great pictures and an incredible sounding dream itinerary. Sign me up! And the picture of you and your mother… By my calculations that places the photographer in a Deluxe Suite, between the forward elevators and Neptune Lounge and (obviously) port side?

You’ve painted an excellent picture for me regarding Tracy Arm. Although not a cruise I’ve mentioned on here, I will be going to Alaska in May and one of the stops is through Tracy Arm, conditions permitting. I hope they do permit. If so, I’ll provide some images of my visit to provide you with an ‘update’

Thanks for your contribution!
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3 Responses to Q&A With DBA Reader – Bellebaby

  1. Bellebaby says:

    Hi, Dutch

    Very observant. The photo of us over the Bridge was taken from 7002… a Deluxe Verandah Suite…all the way forward on the port side. It’s a great location. Gets very little pedestrian traffic, only shares a balcony on one side, and is under the Fitness Center instead of the pool or the Lido.

    Are you sailing on the Zuiderdam or Volendam in May? Or maybe another itinerary I’m not aware of? I hope your sailing does make it through Tracy Arm. If not, you could always sail on the Westerdam from Seattle later in the season and take the small boat excursion I mentioned!

    Can’t wait to read your “update”.

  2. DBA says:

    That’s incredible. I stayed in 7002 myself and almost mentioned that but then I decided to shorten my “commentary” at the end. Absolutely agree re: the benefits of the room, and even managed to give the Captain a wave as he stood in the bridge wing at departure.

    My cruise itinerary, etc in May is completely confidential 🙂 , but I can assure you I’ll have some photos from the trip to share.

  3. Bellebaby says:

    Can’t wait to see photos from your upcoming May sailing to Tracy Arm! I apologize… Didn’t mean to get too personal. It’s just that the Zuiderdam and Volendam have such an awesome itinerary including both Tracy Arm and Glacier Bay!

    Bon Voyage for your upcoming Amsterdam saling!

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