Q&A With DBA Reader – dvdfreakmc

Hi this is dvdfreakmc on Cruise Critic. I have two pics.
Me at a private bon voyage party in our cabin heading off from Boston on the Maasdam.
Second is on the St. Lawrence at Sunset from our balcony.

1) What was your first cruise on HAL? (ship, destination/itinerary, when)
Rotterdam V – September 1993, 11 days in Alaska Roundtrip from Vancouver

2) What was your most recent cruise on HAL? (ship, destination/itinerary, when)
(note for these 2 if you have yet to cruise with HAL, tell me what you want your first HAL experience to be)

Maasdam, Boston to Montreal August 2008

3) Favorite thing about HAL currently available on the ships (if something like Tamarind, only available on Eurodam, that’s fine… just don’t list something that used to be onboard and is no longer)?
Thermal Suite

4) Favorite port of call anywhere on earth you’ve seen because of a HAL cruise, and why?
My first visit to Skagway in 1993. It was the first time the Rotterdam had been there, so we each were given a plaque. Also, Skagway seemed much more rough and tumble as a destination that time without all the jewelry stores and tourist stops. Cruise ships didn’t go there as frequently and it was much more like the town would have been in the gold rush days.

5) Your dream itinerary, regardless of fuel/logistics? (this means if you want to see Beijing on Day 1, Kenya on Day 2, Antartica for days 3-6, and end in New York City Day 7, that’s fine!) Just make it sea ports… No cruises to Tuscon, Denver or Mexico City! )
Capetown, Hawaii, Fiji, Sydney, and Vancouver

With a sunset like that, how can it get any better?

Thanks for your interest in the blog!


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