Dutch By Association Wants To Feature YOU!

If you read DBA and want to know how you can be more involved, here’s your opportunity:

The blog is at nearly 20,000 hits (19451 as I type this, thank you!!), and I want to celebrate that milestone as well!

This time around, I want to feature YOU! Afterall, 20,000 visits to the blog doesn’t happen on its own!


  • your answers to each of the following questions,
  • a photo of yourself from one of your cruises on HAL (candid, formal photo session, at the beach, in the dining room… anything!),
  • your favorite photo (interior OR exterior of your favorite ship that you have personally taken),
  • and how you would like me to refer to you on the blog (first and last name and where you’re from, a screen name on Cruise Critic, other)

and you’ll see your name featured on Dutch By Association!

The Questions:

1) What was your first cruise on HAL? (ship, destination/itinerary, when)

2) What was your most recent cruise on HAL? (ship, destination/itinerary, when)

(note for these 2 if you have yet to cruise with HAL, tell me what you want your first HAL experience to be)

3) Favorite thing about HAL currently available on the ships (if something like Tamarind, only available on Eurodam, that’s fine… just don’t list something that used to be onboard and is no longer)?

4) Favorite port of call anywhere on earth you’ve seen because of a HAL cruise, and why?

5) Your dream itinerary, regardless of fuel/logistics? (this means if you want to see Beijing on Day 1, Kenya on Day 2, Antartica for days 3-6, and end in New York City Day 7, that’s fine!) Just make it sea ports… No cruises to Tuscon, Denver or Mexico City! )

Want to be featured on DBA? Here’s your chance!

Send submissions to:



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