And the GRAND PRIZE Winner Is…

From Carol in South Carolina –

I’ll also take this time to say thank you to all that participated and congratulations to all the winners!


Hi Dutch …

Here goes:

Picture 1: Atrium, Westerdam
Picture 2: Well, I don’t know. I can’t find it and neither can my husband. Even after looking at the blog with our glasses on. We’re guessing Pinnacle Grill, Oosterdam, but if that’s wrong we’re hoping that our charm and sense of humor make us a winner anyway …
Picture 3: Maasdam during Voyage of the Vikings
Picture 4: Yum Yum Man, Oosterdam
Picture 5: Showroom at Sea, Veendam

The Common Bond:
These shots are of things that differentiate Holland America from other cruise lines.
As a Mariner Member:

We keep coming back to HAL because it IS different from other cruise lines. From the first “Welcome Back” we hear, we know we’re aboard our home at sea. Holland America IS special to us, and as it evolves, we return to see what’s new … or even better, what’s remained the same.

As the photos reflect, the atria are spacious and light-filled, but elegant and classy. The art and antiques onboard are a show in themselves … and what other cruise line offers a self-guided iPod Art Tour? Holland America sails the world … equator to icebergs. Who else would have a smiling Yum Yum Man waiting for you after dinner (as though we could consume one more calorie … lol…)? And, the entertainment venues change to reflect varying tastes, as seen in the new Showrooms at Sea.

We also enjoy seeing old friends from the crew as we return on different ships. I have no idea how your crewmembers remember names, but it’s very pleasing to the guest when they do so. And we’ve yet to stump the Neptune Lounge concierges, who also greet us by name wherever and whenever they see us.

Holland America teams tradition with unconventional thinking. The new Retreat Cabanas bring a fresh level to the poolside experience. New and varied itineraries ensure that passengers can continue to receive the Holland America Signature of Excellence around the world.

Holland America offers us the experience we so enjoy … and that’s why we keep coming back.

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  3. cp556 says:

    Thank you! I feel so lucky to have been chosen. Isn’t DBA doing a great job with his blog??

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