HAL’s New Luggage Tags

There have been many inquiries and much conversation regarding the new luggage tags since HAL has made an announcement that express documentation was available.

There has been speculation that the tags will be something you print, fold and staple together around your luggage, or that it would be stickers.

None of the above.

Courtesy of the Documentation Supervisor, I am posting this picture of the new baggage tags on display at the corporate office near reservations. (Apologies for any issues with photo quality. This was taken from my Blackberry.)

For reference:
  • If you select express documents, your baggage tags will be provided at the pier.
  • If you select regular documents, the baggage tags will be in the ship ment to you (or your TA if you book through one)

Don’t want to fill out a lengthy baggage tag at the pier? No worries! The new format only requires your name, stateroom number and sailing date.

And an insider tip?

If you’ve booked a guarantee and don’t know your room number at the time of sailing “GUAR” in the section indicates you had a guarantee. The manifest will be triple checked for accuracy before your luggage is delivered.

These tags will start appearing as the existing tags run out. The various piers, per the information I have received, are all being equipped with the new tags only, and all existing have been recalled to be distributed in documents packs until they run out.

Bon Voyage!


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6 Responses to HAL’s New Luggage Tags

  1. sj says:

    Dutch are you saying that if we book a “guarantee”, that we mark that on our luggage tags where the stateroom would be written, or do we leave blank??

  2. Carol in SC says:

    Thanks, Dutch! And thank the Doc Supervisor as well for sharing these with you. They’re beautiful, and I love the rainbow of colors. Quite collectable! Can’t wait to get our first set in September…

  3. DBA says:

    sj-Where you would put your stateroom number if you knew it, put “GUAR”DBA

  4. MemoryMerchant says:

    Hey Hey DBA! We are looking forward to our Statendam tags to be used this October on a B/B from FLL, Panama Canal. Looking forward to renewing some wonderful HAL crew member friendships.

  5. ger_77 says:

    I love the colours of the tags. Any idea what happens when passengers depart from European ports? Do you think we’ll have tags sent out in advance, or will we have to do pierside tagging as well?

  6. Name Tags says:

    This seems like a good option and improvement to former tags. I think that the bright colors will make you luggage, stateroom, and destination more noticable.

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