Oh, To Be a Viking!

Last summer, Chrissie, from the first ever Meet the Crew feature had sent me pictures from the Voyage of the Vikings cruise. This is a 35 day cruise from Boston to Rotterdam, and back, (also available in 2 one way segments of 18 and 17 days) that explores northeastern Canada, Greenland, Iceland, parts of the United Kingdom and so forth. This year, the adventure begins in late July, and as the Maasdam doesn’t go into Europe very often, this is your chance to be onboard sailing to or from Rotterdam or to have it as a port of call as you view the Maritime Museum and see the original HAL Headquarters!

The scenery is awe inspiring, and these pictures she shared with me are just a glimpse at what you’ll be able to see.

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One Response to Oh, To Be a Viking!

  1. sj says:

    Awesome pics. This cruise would be a dream!

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