Meet the Crew – Maasdam’s Guest Relations Manager – Christianne Beks – Part II

You wanted more and she came through. Here’s more from Chrissie!


Chrissie with her goddaughter Juliette

When did you start working for HAL?
I joined HAL in April 2005, April 9 to be precise. My first ship was the Volendam, and the Captain was Pieter Visser, Hotel Manager was Mark Pells, both great people with a sense of humor and vision.
I remember missing my connecting flight in Philadelphia, and how great our AirSea team helped me, cause despite being “a big girl” I was pretty lost with my huge suitcases and excessive carry on. It is crazy what one packs when a contract starts off in the Caribbean and ends in Alaska.

Your favorite ship in the fleet?
After 4 contracts on the Maasdam (side steps were on the Volendam, Ryndam, and Veendam), I am so happy with this Grande Dame and my next assignment here again

Undated photo of Maasdam’s Front Office team. The three in street clothing were leaving for vacation in this photo

Do you have a favorite port of call?
This is a true difficult one. Surely you will understand that calling in Rotterdam and being able to show family and friends “what drives me” when I am away from home was wonderful. That said, I am very taken with Bonaire, where Dutch supermarkets are conveniently lining the roads to the prettiest beaches in the Caribbean, and the snorkeling and diving is incomparable.
Name your dream 10-day itinerary, and let’s say that fuel and logistics were of no concern.
I would like it to include historic landmarks, I have never sailed this route, but I dream of it…. And the good thing is, it exists (minus the overnight stays)!!!! Now, all you need to add is sunshine, good weather would be a must for this to work…
Starting in Fort Lauderdale, we would head up the Atlantic Coast. I would suggest an overnight stay in Savannah, Georgia , just because it is the one place I have not spent any time yet… Also, an full day stay in Boston please. But not before we go to Newport, RI, and after Boston, we would end up in Montreal, with may I say, another long stay in Bar Harbor and Quebec City preceding that

Christmas 2008 Maasdam Front Office team candid photo
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One Response to Meet the Crew – Maasdam’s Guest Relations Manager – Christianne Beks – Part II

  1. Copper says:

    Dutch, can you tell me what the little “I” in the uniform of the Front Office crew stands for? It’s similar to the little “H” you’ll often find on supervisors of the Hotel Dept. so I’m thinking that one stands for “Hotel”Vriendelijk bedankt/Thanks!Copper

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