Not All Fun & Games

The Coast Guard performing a rescue at sea from a view you’ve likely never seen before. The ship is the ms Noordam.
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6 Responses to Not All Fun & Games

  1. Jess says:

    I am really enjoying your blog, Thanks! I have been on 3 HAL cruises with another leaving San Diego in Arpil 🙂 I am Dutch born, now Canadian. I am a “quiet” member at Cruise Critics. We especially love the Vancouver to Vancouver cruises! Thanks again..Jeda (Jess)

  2. Copper10-8 says:

    Nice pic Dutch! Those USCG rescue swimmmers earn their money everytime they go out to sea!

  3. Anonymous says:

    Look at that huge wake…why is she apparently going at full throttle while that poor guy is trying to land onboard?Diane

  4. sunshine says:

    OMG! What a fantastic snap. Wonder when/where this took place? Sure hope the outcome was a good one.

  5. christyanthemum says:

    Wow, great photo. What’s the story with this rescue?

  6. DBA says:

    Here’s the story as per the USCG website:

    SITKA, Alaska – A 72-year old female complaining of appendix pains aboard the M/V Noordam was medevaced by an HH-65 Jayhawk and crew from Coast Guard Air Station Sitka early Tuesday morning. The Jayhawk flew 35 nautical miles north of Sitka to Chatham Strait and conducted hoist operations with the cruise ship. Excellent coordination with both Noordam and Coast Guard crews resulted in flawless evacuation of the patient. Coast Guard Petty Officer Shawn Legas, a rescue swimmer, was lowered to the Noordam by Petty Officer Christian Salinas, the Jayhawk’s flight mechanic, to assess the patient’s condition and prepare her for hoisting. The patient was safely transferred to waiting Sitka EMS. (Official U.S. Coast Guard photo by Petty Officer Jedidiah Johnson)

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