Welcome Cruise Critic Members!

Image – Oosterdam’s First Departure from Seattle in 2008. Taken by me in Kerry Park, Quuen Anne, Seattle. Just blocks from the HAL HQ.

So I’ve had a chance to get this blog going to where I know I can keep dedicated to it so I wanted to let all of you know about it.

As you can see from other posts if you look through what I’ve put up previously, I am an employee of HAL at the corporate offices in Seattle and must admit that the combination of the Holland America Blog and John Heald’s Blog have inspired me to try my own hand at it.
Please let me know anything you are curious about or would like to see covered.

I simply ask that you realize that I am not your travel agent, the Reservations department nor your Personal Cruise Consultant and that I am unable to discuss your personal booking, take payments, provide free upgrades 🙂 and so forth.

My goal is to offer a wide variety of info, both work-related and about me, such as that which John does on his blog…

So ask away, I’m here!

And welcome!

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7 Responses to Welcome Cruise Critic Members!

  1. Anonymous says:

    This is an excellent resource blog. I am pleased I found out about it. Well done! Cheers.Norcal2

  2. iflyrc5 says:

    Hello – Have a question – we are sailing on the Maasdam on 27 Feb. From what I understand it just came out of a 7 day wet/dry dock. Wondering what was done during the 7 days? Really looking forward to getting out of our near zero weather in Indianapolis

  3. DBA says:

    Thanks norcal.As for the Maasdam the 7 day drydock was basically a lot of paint and carpet replacement. I got a couple great pictures of the ship lifted up out of the water from the guest relations manager and chief officer. I think I’ll make that my next post actually. Thanks for the idea!

  4. LauraS says:

    I’m awed by drydock photos; they never cease to amaze me!Thanks for the welcome,LauraSCruise Critichttp://www.cruisecritic.com

  5. DBA says:

    Thanks Laura! Hope you enjoy!

  6. Anonymous says:

    There are many people who have booked cruises on the MS Maasdam. Most want to know if there was any work done to fix the air conditioning problems that have continually been reported in the past few months.

  7. DBA says:

    I believe they were able to do some work during the 7 day on the biggest issues noticed. Even though 7 days is a short period of time they do get a lot of people working on the dry docks. These systems are also worked on as anything comes up during cruises too.I don’t see anything to worry about.

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