Q&A w/ DBA

Here’s your chance to get to know me better… and of course, should you have questions, leave me a comment!

Q: Let’s start with your name.
A: I think I’ll stick with DBA as I’ve been signing many of my posts.

Q: So what’s with the secrecy, DBA?
A: I have no problem letting everyone know about cruising which has quickly (less than 3 years) become a complete obsession, but at this point, even though I have the blessing of the Director of Public Relations on this project I just want to stick with an initial for the current time.

Q: Public Relations, huh? Sounds important. Who’s your employer?
A: Holland America Line

Q: So does that explain the title “Dutch By Association”?
A: It does. Although I myself don’t have a Dutch fiber in my body, my heart and soul (and as the header says, my life) is in what I do, so I feel that I’m honorary Dutch at the very least!

Q: Makes sense. So what do you do for HAL?
A: Well, again, I don’t want to get super specific, but I can let you know that I work in the Seattle Corporate Headquarters and have a pretty open line of communication with the fleet.

Q: Your next cruise is on the Amsterdam as you posted earlier. Do you have any work ties to that ship?
A: I don’t actually. I have been on her once though. She’s a gorgeous ship with a very dedicated staff!

Q: Quick! Money’s not an object, neither is vacation time. Where do you go and on what ship?
A: That’s a tough one. I have yet to be on Eurodam which I really want to work in by 2010, but so far she doesn’t call in the Mediterranean, and I would prefer that region to Northern Europe. Livorno (Only to get me a return visit to Florence, Italy) would be a necessity on this itinerary!

Q: Have you ever sailed with the competition?
A: I have. Once so far, and most likely a few more times by the end of the year. I see nothing wrong with sailing on the sister lines (or the competition), as it let’s me know where we stand in the market and what we offer that is truly unique.

Q: Thanks for the time you took. Can we count on another Q&A session down the road?
A: Most definitely!

Don’t forget. If you have questions for me, let me know. I’m happy to answer the best I can!


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5 Responses to Q&A w/ DBA

  1. sj says:

    I am new to HAL, and will sail on the Oosterdam… soon!Our first evening onboard in Venice is my birthday, where is the perfect location to have a huge glass of champagne to celebrate??Any changes to the SY cabins in the upcoming drydock?Can you tell I’m getting excited????? :):)

  2. DBA says:

    No changes to the SY’s that I know of… reupholstery and carpet where needed, but that would be about it I think.Best place for a big glass of champagne? Haven’t seen the cruise terminal in Venice, but if the Crow’s Nest offers a great view, that would be just about as good as it gets. Or depending on what the design on oosterdam will be for the Pinnacle Bar, that could be a great place too!Happy Birthday a little early! Enjoy yourself!

  3. blair4990 says:

    I noticed in your blog that Queen Beatrix was named godmother of the Eurodam. I have seen others named as godmother to ships. What exactly is a godmother to a ship and what do they do for the ship.

  4. sj says:

    Thanks… Ok Crow’s Nest it is!!Have been reading on message boards that there is conflicting info re cocktail cards/wine cards/etc. Does HAL have a suggestion site? Some posters feel that they would like to see the items all placed back onto one card, I read somewhere that this was a nightmare for the bar staff?? It seems like a great idea, any thoughts??Pictures of Ms O are great, thanks.

  5. DBA says:

    sj-I believe they’re working on something that would replace all of the individual cards.SOunds like there was some difficulty with the implementation but it sounds like they’re getting that resolved and a universal beverage card is coming soon.

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