Ship Review – Westerdam – Day 4

Image – Golden princess in Juneau, Alaska – Taken by me

We’re off to the Capital…

Day 4- Juneau

We woke up and there was Juneau. Had breakfast via room service now that I had my appetite FULLY back,then we geared up for a day in a little bit of drizzle. Forecast on the program said 39 and clear… If only. It was easily close to 50, but VERY dense clouds and light rain. (Even light by Seattle standards)

We stopped by Taku, which I believe Lisa recommended. VERY small shop, but they had some cool stuff. We got a small package of hot smoked salmon which was AMAZING!! We wandered through many of the shops in town, got a few gifts, got a pink knit hat for my mom that said ALASKA on the front and a couple Juneau pins, a gold flake pen for a coworker and some Alaska moose/polar bear socks for a friend of ours that wears all the crazy design socks…

Went to the Red Dog Saloon looking for a bathroom, they had one but it wasn’t accessible to wheelchairs, so we went across the street to the Juneau library, which was at the top of the parking garage across the street. Due to a recent avalanche they had, they’ve been on power restrictions and both the express elevator (until further notice) and the whole library (on Tuesdays) is closed to help conserve energy. (We didn’t learn about this until Ketchikan, where our driver told us this) The Volendam was docked right outside of the library, so I managed to get a great shot of the funnels, and the balcony of our first ever room on our first ever cruise… Ahh, the memories!

After a bit more wandering and shopping we made our way back to the ship for a short nap. Didn’t do the afternoon tea as High Tea was on day 2 (whoops, did I forget to mention that?)
We had another great dinner (remember, food coming soon in another post once I review KK’s postings again… I didn’t grab copies of the menus) and then off to the show lounge.

Show tonight was the “Amazing 88’s” Pros: They had energy, they both KNEW HOW to play the piano, and they had decent singing voices when doing the typical “dueling piano” songs and standards Cons: OH MY GOD, THEY WERE ANNOYING. You know the old SNL “Spartans” routine? I think it was modeled after these 2. For the most part we kept commenting back and forth with little jokes. But wait, there’s more: Then they started doing a few songs from Little Shop of Horrors, Phantom of the Opera and Chicago… with only one of them on the piano… and THEY WERE AWESOME!! They are seriously not doing themselves a favor as a dueling piano show… Broadway hits would be a much better fit for them. THAT part of the show was enjoyable.

After that it was time for the Ultimate Game Show in the Queen’s Lounge, and it was great. Teams of 3 and a couple teams alternated total domination of the board. CD Kerry and DJ Jazzy were awesome and hilarious all the way through.
We rushed back and went to the Indonesian Crew Show which was FANTASTIC to say the very least. Amazing talent, lots of humor and a great time overall. We got some of it captured in photos, other parts in video and had a really fun time. Our dining steward Kadek was one of the “monkey troop” There was also synchronized pieces, a solo singer with guitar, a traditional Balinese welcome dance and some traditional indonesian instruments made from bamboo. I AM VERY GLAD I WENT TO THIS SHOW!!

By this point it was getting quite late (Crew show started at 11:15pm), and my FIRST EVER TENDER experience was in store tomorrow. After a late night room service, off to dreamland we went.
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