Ship Review – Westerdam – Day 3

Image – Marjorie Glacier, Glacier Bay, Alaska – Taken by me

Day 3 – Glacier Bay

And the latest in the saga…

This day started incredibly groggy and with my mom and my friend going up to the Lido, grabbing breakfast and bringing it back to the room. Bad idea though, because simply the SMELL of eggs, bacon and sausage does NOT go well with a hangover.
The captain also announced that the forecast for Glacier Bay was 100…
50 in the morning, and 50 in the evening

Around 11:00am we headed to the Lido Pool and grabbed some food from the Lido BBQ. The food was great, the potato salad was just how I like it (lots of potatoes, minimal “crap”) and the ribs and chicken were both super moist and tender. The swordfish though was a bit dry and VERY fishy. (Glad I only got a small piece of it)

We worked our way to the Aft Pool and found a table by the Seaview Bar and had lunch, sat and hung out, did a little shopping at the deck sale and got 4 sea glass pieces for $15.00 since they were starting to put them away (Regular price I believe was 2 for $10) We got a blue polar bear, white polar bear, a moose and a dolphin.

Then we got to the glaciers and the narration from the Park Service started, which was great and VERY informative… Would have been nicer though if it didn’t sound like it was read from a script… and if it WASN’T then she really needs to get out a little more often Nevertheless, it was appreciated to have that.

I was still focused on getting fresh air and LOTS of it, but my friend went down and got a few pictures off the bow and a great one of the Westerdam’s bell

and we guarded our table as though it was going to go somewhere if we didn’t Today was lightly cloudy with lots of sunshine. Even from the ship I managed to get a VERY mild sunburn (probably doesn’t help that I’m blonde/blue with German, English and Welsh in me <—me after the day on deck) They did the Polar Bear Club onboard at 3pm which my friend took part in for a couple dam dollars but I didn't (got this phobia of drowning since I almost did my last day of SWIMMING LESSONS when I was younger, yet ships don't bother me…) He also got a certificate. The funny thing about this is that since they jump into the aft pool, the water is however warm they keep the pool. It was getting OUT of the aft pool and into the 50-something air that got most people…

We went back to the room for a little bit, then came back out to the aft pool about the time we got to Marjorie Glacier since we heard the narration begin on the tv. We got into the port side panoramic elevators and once we got to deck 3, BOOM! There it was! We got out on the Lido deck and started walking toward the aft pool and as we looked out the window we saw a major chunk of ice fall off…

…and then nothing but some cracking and some little tiny pebbles (that I’m sure were the size of VW’s) after that. Marjorie still was amazing and inspiring to look at though and we got some GREAT photos.

The Pinnacle Grill 5:30 was dinner in the Pinnacle, so we made our way there after changing. Once inside (and at a window as we were on our way out of Glacier Bay I might add) we ordered a bottle of the Chateau Ste. Michele Eroica Riesling which was phenomenal (I’ve had it MANY times before… it’s almost a cross between a traditional riesling and an ice wine, to me at least) We had the chef’s appetizer (I always pass off the mushroom tart for my friend’s salmon tartare) and then it was Crab Cakes all around. Great as always! My mom and I got the salad with the pears and pear vinaigrette and my friend got the clam chowder. The salads this time had a tableside presentation which didn’t happen on the Oosterdam so it’s either a new thing, or something that Chef Philip decided to do on the Westerdam. Very impressive as far as I was concerned, and the clam chowder was also enjoyed. Next was the filet mignons. 2 Pinnacle Cut and 1 Petite cut. All with sundried tomato steak sauce. And except for my friend getting one that was purple inside (textbook definition of blue rare) and then receiving a new one about 2 minutes later, everything was perfect. I enjoyed the potatoes and asparagus with bernaise, and they liked the mushrooms and potatoes. Dessert, I decided to try something different, along with my friend and we both got the creme brulee. My mom got the volcano cake. Although I like creme brulee, and LOVED it in the main dining room a couple days later, I wasn’t a huge fan of this one. No particular reason I guess, I just wasn’t. No big deal though, as my mom couldn’t finish the volcano cake, so I gave her a hand with that one.

After dinner, we did the name that tune for TV theme songs and rocked it! More dam dollars for us! And a quick amendment to the show on the first night… Up Front and Leo Ward (the magician/comedian) was on the Sea Day, not the first night. Once the TV trivia was done, we wandered a bit more, did some shopping and called it a night because of the long day and wanting to have lots of energy for Juneau.
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