Ship Review – Westerdam – Day 2

Image – Westerdam at Sea, Radar and Flag Mast, Inside Passage – Taken by me

And now the continuation…
Day 2 – At Sea
Today was great. Woke up feeling well rested, had breakfast through room service. I love the fact that they have eggbeaters available as an omelet through room service! Started to wander around the ship, had a couple coffees through my coffee card at the Signature Cafe. Everything tasted great, was better than the coffee stands IN SEATTLE and cheaper too, regardless of the coffee card being there. Extra flavorings and extra shots ARE NOT an issue with the coffee card. It still just counts as one punch. Never tried, but I assume the card wouldn’t work on the coffee cocktails offered.

We went to the kitchen tour which was great. I had been to one before and it was more of a private tour with an asst. manager from the Vista Dining Room. This time, it was more structured (and the line went from the doors in the forward port side of the dining room on deck 3 (where you entered) all the way to the entrance of the Pinnacle Bar. The line only took about 20-30 minutes though, so it wasn’t too bad. The tour was more structured and there were demonstrations including napkin folding, fruit carving, marzipan sculpting, a chance to try some bratwursts and various cheeses throughout the tour and a photo op with Chef Andreas. Next was the culinary arts center presentation with Chef Philip of the Pinnacle Grill and Executive Chef Andreas. They made a Mediterranean Chicken dish with saffron, paprika (SPANISH paprika), olives, garlic, etc. Next was the apple strudel recipe which involved hand stretching the dough to the point you could read the provided recipe cards through it. The size he made was easily enough for 30-50 people. We were all given samples and it was great. A few things learned were: -strudel can be a main course in Austria, even if sweet. -Chef Andreas prefers to NOT cook with nuts because of allergies. He used Amaretto in the recipe and said it’s just as good. -strudel NEEDS a tablecloth if you want easy assembly… you had to see it to believe it
After this demonstration we had lunch, again in the Lido. This time around the highlights were the leg of lamb, roasted potatoes and roasted squash. Some wandering eventually led us into the Pinnacle Bar for some drinks and a GREAT view and after a short nap it was time to go to dinner. The first formal night’s menu was great as it was the Captain’s Gala dinner. Ambience was great, Kadek and Ade, wine steward Joseph and the Yum Yum guy Oka were all FANTASTIC. Oka might even be the next Hunky Dory. He had our names EASY on the second day. (I’ll have to review the menus KK posted to let you know what all was ordered throughout the week. I’ll get to that eventually.) Overall throughout this cruise the food was even better than I remembered, and the service was superb as always.

This evening (and the cocktail card) managed to become a blur due to some excellent music by DJ Jazzy in the Northern Lights, and a bit of a hangover on the morning of Glacier Bay. Bed time was approximately 3am.
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