Meet Dozer

I adopted Dozer in July of 2007 from a military couple in Ft. Lewis. We went onto CraigsList looking for a dog and saw a post “Dozer needs a new home in the next 4 hours.” Turns out that the husband was being deployed and the wife was starting a business and would literally NEVER be home for him.

Given that Dozer has a healthy dose of separation anxiety, I can totally agree why this wouldn’t have worked. Dozer has been my best friend ever since, falling asleep in my lap on the drive home from Lakewood to Everett and we’ve been there for each other ever since! When we’re at work, my mom is able to watch him and he just lays around the house.

When we get home, we try to get him running around as best we can when the weather is decent. He killed his soccer ball this past summer, the heavy duty Kong balls… he’s been through 3 of them, squeaky toys will experience a brief and humane death of approximately 30-120 seconds… And when it snows? Look out. He’d eat it all if he could. He’s a hyper little dog with a level of energy that doesn’t happen when it’s sunny.
So why am I posting about him today? Because it’s just before his birthday… 1/11. He’ll be 5.

Happy Birthday Dude!!
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