Rain, Rain, (and slush and snow and wind and storms) Go Away!

I’ll be the first to admit that I understand it rains in the Puget Sound. I lived here from age 2-19 in Kirkland and came back to the Seattle area at age 23 as a homeowner after 4 years in California I would prefer to not relive. So trust me… I GET IT. It rains, it’s wet, it sprinkles… it occasionally snows a couple inches.
December 2008 – present has been just one god awful form of slush or sog and then another. Spokane has had over 6 feet of snow in 3 weeks. The mountains and passes have had days where the snow that has fallen can be measured in dozens of feet.
Even where I live, I’ve seen levels of snow that I haven’t seen since one fluke storm when I was in the 3-7 range. I know my mom had me bundled in an ungodly number of layers to where I was almost like Maggie Simpson in her snowsuit. In my driveway, the snow came almost to my waist.

The good part about Washington though, is that this almost never happens. Standard procedure dictates that it is to snow no more than 2 inches, and the ensuing chaos is to be monumental. Snarls of traffic, jack-knives of everything that is physically able to jack-knife. That routine. The same thing that happens when it drizzles in Southern California (except we know where the control for our wiper blades is located)

As I type this, it is literally pouring outside and some counts said that in the last 48 hours there was more than 6 inches in some areas. We usually get 30-40 inches in one year.


So now it’s time to wrap up some work, endeavor to make the great trek North without needing to be rung out upon arriving at my destination. Then dinner, bed and do it all again tomorrow.

Spring, I’ll give you $20.00 to make an early arrival this year. Yes?


Fine, $50.00. That’s my final offer.



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